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What we do

Town Planning, Building Design & Landscape design in the Queanbeyan, Canberra, ACT and NSW region.

Town PlanningWe have extensive experience in preparing applications for development and building approvals. These approvals are usually required before occupying or making any changes to land and buildings.

These projects have included:

  • Building design -
    • new houses
    • holiday homes
    • town houses
    • dual occupancies
    • granny flats
    • alterations and extensions
    • aged care
    • community and corrective service facilities
    • townhouse developments
    • residential developments and subdivision
  • Town planning –
    • development applications
    • zoning issues
    • change of land use
    • subdivision planning
  • Landscape design –
    • new developments
    • existing yards and gardens.
  • Drafting services –
    • documenting your ideas
    • existing condition and Work As Executed drawings

Season Design provides high quality service to clients who require a town planner, building designer, landscape designer or draftsman for their building project. We can work with your designs or develop a design to your requirements. Feedback from our clients is that we value-add particularly in suggesting a range of viable options. A key strength is our experience with developing project designs which are compliant with local planning controls and state legislation.